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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

wow we are terrible at this

I thought that growing older made you grow wiser, more mature and more focused. If anything, I find myself even more afflicted by "ooh, something shiny!" syndrome, particularly when it comes to writing; I've never had the discipline to just sit down and crank out WORDS about something, even when I've been passionate about it, so on a certain fundamental level the very idea of me attempting to maintain a blog presence is laughable. Still, this is something I want to do; at one period in my life I got a lot of praise for how I put words together, so I tend to think I'm pretty good at it even if I hate doing it for extended periods of time.

I don't know what John's excuse is. Possibly the lack of sudden international superstardom based on discussing Sleepytime Gorilla Museum and Gay Witch Abortion has left him jaded.

That's probably more navel-gazing than the three people who ever stumble across this thing want to read, so instead let me talk for a second about We Love:

Their debut album just came out on BPitch Control, the same label responsible for Ellen Allien, Apparat and Modeselektor. This duo is from southern Italy, yet manages to ape the cool Scandanavian vibe of The Knife well enough to make me assume on first listen that they are cut wholesale from the same Scando-Germanic cloth. This entire album panders directly to me; it starts out controlled and warm and blossoms across 11 songs into a ever-growing slab of controlled dance floor awesome. Tracks like "No Train, No Plane" (linked above) and "Hide Me" aren't what I would typically consider to the type of banging choon that would make me lose my mind, but the entire package works. Where The Knife would take a harsher edged, less subtle turn in incorporating quirkiness into their music, We Love opts for smooth cool, perhaps betraying their romantic Italian roots in the process.

The entire album may be too monochromatic for some but I defy anyone to listen to all eleven songs in isolation and not find at least one really great track.